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Floor Cleaning Dublin

Dirt winds up on the floor from all kinds of sources. First, there are those airborne dust particles that settle on the surface under the influence of gravity. Then there's the soiling that is tracked into the building under peoples shoes- from light dust picked up from the sidewalks, to asphalt and gravel from the driveway. This also includes the salt that is sprinkled out on walkways during those winter months to prevent people from sliding and falling on the snowy paths. Pollutants like smoke in case there are persons smoking on the premises, also get absorbed by the flooring, causing odours to form. Do you have a pet? As cats and dogs rummage around the neighbourhood and nearby parks, they can also bring in soiling under their paws and distribute it all over the floor as they run around. What of food and drink spills? Coffee, tea, wine, juice and even mustard occasionally end up on the flooring, causing unsightly stains. Depending on the structure, it can seep deep into the layers of the floor, making it difficult to remove. Going back to the pets, there are cases of urine accidents, which form stains that are both unsightly and have pungent smells. Ink blots at the workplace, your kids deciding to grab some crayons and showcase their artwork on the floor in your home, you've just had a party where things got wild and a few people were unable to hold in their beer, and ended up vomiting it out onto the floor- they are all messes that need to be removed to bring back the elegance to your premises. Turn to our floor cleaning personnel to take care of your needs.

Importance Of Hiring Professional Floor Cleaners

You want to save your time and energy. With your packed work and social life, you don’t want to add an arduous floor cleaning job to your to-do list, especially when there are stubborn dirt spots, stains and greasy residues that seem to take you hours of scrubbing and they aren’t coming off. There are also the risks involved when you use the wrong cleaning agents, to work on such areas- like going for harsh alkaline or acid cleaners to dissolve the stains on wood or cement flooring. That can damage the structure, causing you to ruin your investment. By calling in the floor cleaning specialists, you get to avoid the risks and hustle. We have invested in the latest in floor cleaning technology that ensures that the job gets done in moments while simultaneously delivering high quality results. What's more, our personnel have the skills and experience needed to apply the appropriate measure for your particular type of flooring. That way you can rest assured that it is in safe hands.

Then there's the safety of the actual cleaning process. You don’t want your interior space getting choke full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other toxic chemicals that put the persons on the premises at risk. The cleaning agents used by our crew are eco-friendly, having undergone stringent testing and received the required certifications on EU regulations on biodegradability and environmental sustainability. The residential and commercial floor cleaning services come at pocket friendly prices, allowing you to have the quality results you desire without straining your finances.

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