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1st Floor, Trust building, Kayyath Ln, Palarivattom, Kochi
Palarivattom , Ker
Near Hi Tech Diagnostic Center
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We will begin with discussing the advantages of Java. Firstly Java is easy to learn. It is a fact that Java was designed to be simple to use, write, compile, debug, and even to learn when contrasted with other programming languages. Secondly, Java is object-oriented. This means you can create modular programs and reusable code. And thirdly, Java is platform-independent. This is the most significant advantage of Java. The capability to run the same program on many different systems is crucial to World Wide Web software, and Java succeeds at this by being platform-independent.
The other characteristics of Java, like its robustness and security features, along with the above-mentioned features have made it a language of choice for providing worldwide Internet solutions. Thus Java is worth learning, as it is one of the most widespread programming languages being used today. Java can be used to create a comprehensive application that may run on a single computer or be scattered among servers and clients in a network. Similarly, it can also be used to develop a tiny application module or applet (a simply designed, small application) for use as part of a Web page.

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