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Based out of New Delhi, Young Angels is a full-service publishing house with an excellent team of authors and designers, producing and publishing great children’s books. Our vision is to rekindle the love for reading in children, to provide them with an exciting route to literacy and to encourage reading for pleasure in modern generation. And how do we do it? Well, we are known for our continuous series of successful Book Fairs and Book Clubs to assist us in fulfilling our mission of creating a culture of literacy.

Book Clubs
“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” – Maya Angelou

Very often the management and staff at Young Angels have found ourselves asking how we can make a difference in our society or in the lives of others. We have always been looking for ways give back to our community and make a positive impact in the world that surrounds us. That question was answered for Young Angels when we decided to reach out to school kids through our Book Clubs. Young Angels’ Book Clubs are a perfect opportunity for the team to create a culture of reading in our country and we have humbly begun this initiative with the schools in Delhi NCR region.

The idea behind setting up Young Angels’ Book Clubs in schools all across Delhi NCR is to give young children a motivation to take up reading as a hobby and a life style choice and to promote reading and scholastic development of children. Through these clubs, children are not only motivated to take up reading but they also get to know about several types of new age, interactive books and magazines that are available to them apart from their course books. Interesting, thought-provoking and high-quality books are made available to them that students might not otherwise come into contact with. Our Book Clubs allow children to share their reading experiences.

Reading does not always have to be a silent and solitary habit. Reading can also be a group activity where discussions are held, information is shared and opinions are voiced in an amicable manner. This is exactly what has been happening at Young Angels’ Book Clubs in various schools. Our Book Clubs provide a great space for students and teachers to interact and discuss their reading preferences and interests. Young Angels’ Book Clubs aim to develop a taste for quality reading in students, enhance their conversational skills, boost their self-confidence and also encourage self-expression and respectful discussion among our young adults. Students are also motivated to exercise creativity and write and write their reviews of books that they have read. Students are also inspired to write original stories and poems. Young Angels’ Book Clubs also become a wonderful platform for students and teachers to communicate and connect with each other.

Young Angels understands that each reader’s learning needs are unique, so we adapt and format our Book Clubs accordingly. An enormous amount of work by the Young Angels team goes into successful planning and organization of our Book Clubs, but it has proven to be well worth every effort that our team puts in.

Book Fairs

“You can find magic wherever you look.
Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” -Dr.Seuss

Young Angel’s Book Fairs are a means to introduce students to a lifetime’s joy of reading and learning and promote reading as a life-style. These Book Fairs organized by us give teachers and students a chance to browse through and buy the beautifully narrated and illustrated works of our publishing house like story books, activity based books, encyclopedias, picture dictionaries, life skills books, all at one place. Young Angels’ counters at these host schools have always proved to be a one stop shop for a wide collection of interesting books. Young Angels’ Book Fairs are also a place for our team to interact with our target audience and their guardians. Queries are successfully answered and suggestions readily accepted by our team present at the fair. Young Angels’ Book Fairs organized in schools play a great role in encouraging the reading habit among students of all age groups. Our team plays a very important role in introducing children to a variety of genres, including picture books, folklores, fairy tales, fables, classic stories, moral tales, fantasy books, mythological books, first books, concept books and environmental issue books. Students are exposed to never seen before activity books and exciting reading material. During our team’s interaction with the students, we encouraged them to go beyond assigned reading. They are told the importance of reading outside the classroom so that they might not miss out on the fun of reading as an extremely beneficial hobby. Our book fairs provide students with a great opportunity to buy books of their choice and also experiment with their reading preferences. Apart from that, Young Angels’ Book Fairs also add to the classroom and library collection of the school.

Our world is constantly changing and so are our books and reading materials. Modern books for children are vastly different from early books. Children’s books of the twenty-first century are more interactive, thought-provoking and critically stimulating that they have ever been before. Young Angels’ vast and brilliant collection of books reflects that change. Our collection endorses critical thinking, imagination and creativity and has been tremendously appreciated every time our team is stationed in a school.

Encouraged by the great response the Young Angels’ team has received so far from parents, students as well as the management of schools all across Delhi NCR, we have taken up our Book Fairs as a major tool for creating a culture of reading. These book fairs also provide us with a wonderful opportunity to understand the market and the liking and inclinations of our young readers. These book fairs help us better understand our valuable target and improve our content with every book that we publish.

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