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Boost Sx Pro I trust you are beginning to acknowledge a pattern here. There is a very clear thematic trend in the history of feminine sex and sexuality.Throughout Victorian times, when much of our "modern" understanding of women's sexuality found its voice, girls were taught to not enjoy sexual issues. They were taught to actively repress their passions. They were really taught - in thus many words - that their enjoyment of sex existed in direct proportion to the ethical decline of society.

With that kind of burden, it's not surprising that few ladies felt any sexual want and satisfaction. How may a lady embrace her lover in full joy when, in the rear - or front - of her mind she held the belief,Boost Sx Pro a belief imposed upon her by her teachers, her clergy and her family, that by doing thus she was contributing to the destruction of all that was smart in the globe.

Boost Sx Pro Talk about a surefire means to inhibit pleasure and orgasm!For the Victorian woman, sex had one purpose and one purpose alone - to procreate. Ugh! Makes it sound like an unpleasant chore, does not it? It followed from this that a lady or woman's value previous to wedding (the sole social structure in which this procreation might occur) had worth solely if she remained chaste and pure.

Once married, she might expect to be engaged by her husband in conjugal acts solely when "necessary."Let's pause for an instant just to parse the profoundly disturbing truths in that last observation.Boost Sx Pro The 1st, in fact, is that sex was reduced to an act that was engaged in solely when "necessary" - presumably for the relief and unleash of the husband and to further the goal of procreation.
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