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Patta is an important document containing information on rights, ownership system, and burdens available on the e-Services TN website at

Patta Chitta Document is a combination of two different documents, Patta and Chita, which perform two different functions but are attached for the purpose of facilitating the compiler of information online.

An online patta is a legal document in Tamil Nadu that acts as a record for a particular land.

This document is issued by the government in the name of the proprietor’s property. “Record of Rights (ROR)” is another name for the document.

Name of the owner

Survey No and Subdivision No

Name of the respective district, taluk, and village

area of land in ares ( 1 are = 1076 sq ft )

Plot Tax-related details

Whether the land is dry land or swamp land.

(UDR – Updating Data Registry):

Manual Patta

Natham patta

A.D. Condition Patta

Land Handover Patta:

TSLR Patta

2C Patta

Joint Patta

From 1979 to 1986, the U.T.R. was deployed across Tamil Nadu on a large scale by regularising and reserving the land title deeds that were found manually, visiting all the village lands (except natham lands), and conducting a direct field investigation (just as the work of dividing the documents in the house as necessary and unnecessary and subordinating ours to that of others) was carried out on a large scale.

They gave it a register and loaded it into the computer.

That is to say, from the time the manual documents were computerized till now, we have been using it as a patta document. ·

Now all of this has been loaded online

The Village Administrative Officer (VAO) and the Taluk Office keep this land revenue record.

Provides relevant details of city ownership, area, and size. Such as land. Most importantly it classifies the land as poisonous (wetland) and fungal (dry land).

Patta number,

Name of the district,

Taluk and village,

Owner’s name,

Survey number



Area of land

Tax details.

Select ‘Taluk’ and ‘Village’ from the drop-down box. In the ‘Use Patta / Chitta’ bar, select the ‘Patta Number’ or ‘Survey Number’ option.

If the ‘Survey Number’ option is selected in the ‘Using View View Picture / Cita’ bar, enter ‘Survey Number’ and ‘Sub Category Number’.

If ‘Patta Number’ is selected in the ‘Try Patta / Cita’ bar, enter ‘Patta Number’.

Click the ‘Enter authentication value’ and ‘Submit’ button.


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