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To manage your property, medical, or financial affairs on your behalf, a Power of Attorney (POA) is a legally enforceable instrument that names someone to manage it.

Although it may be unsettling to consider the possibility of requiring one, a Power of Attorney (POA) is a crucial aspect of your estate strategy.

In the event that you are unable to manage your own affairs, a POA is frequently employed.

Each form grants varying levels of authority to your attorney-in-fact—the person who will make decisions on your behalf.

Some power of attorney for property registration goes into effect right after you sign them, while others don’t take effect until you’re incapacitated.

Real estate has traditionally been one of the most popular asset sectors for hiding unexplained funds.

Various methods, such as the sale and purchase of property were devised over time to make the investment appear lawful (PoA).

if you purchase a property from someone who has a (POA), As a result, the former owner will continue to be regarded as the titleholder.

In addition, the Supreme Court determined that sales made under a general power of attorney are not protected by the law.

In this post, we’ll look at what an attorney actually does and what authority power of attorney (POA) gives them.

A Power of Attorney is a legal typically signed by someone who is unable to carry out their transactions in person for a variety of reasons.

Some of the many reasons why someone would delegate authority to someone else to accomplish a task are as follows:

If the principal is based in another country and cannot be present for the obligation,

Furthermore, if the principal is ill and confined to his or her bed,

If the principal is an elderly citizen with health issues, or if the principal is

If the principal has another legitimate reason for being unable to carry out their responsibilities independently.

We can proceed to the following step now that we understand what a power of attorney for property registration is and how the legal procedure works.

When purchasing or selling a property, a POA for property registration is not a legitimate instrument for transferring property titles.

However, in Indian cities, selling a property through a general power of attorney is a legal has become normal practice due to the financial benefits it provides to both the buyer and the seller.

A sale deed must be completed to transfer property titles, following which the buyer must pay stamp duty and registration fees.

Furthermore, the seller will be subject to capital gains tax on the transaction.

By transferring property title through a general power of attorney, these charges can be avoided.

The sellers can finalize the purchase using a general POA even if they don’t have a clear title to the property.

From the standpoint of the buyer, they can afford a property at much cheaper prices than those on the market.

Agricultural land could not be sold for residential use without altering the land use, according to the law.

To avoid the “legal bother” of conversion, the majority of landowners sell their land parcels using a general POA.

Furthermore, most government-sponsored housing plans have a stipulated gestation time during which units are granted on a leasehold basis.

It is not common place for the owner to execute a POA for property registration on their agent before moving away, preventing the supposed resident from selling the property to another party.

To get around this, such units are regularly transferred using a general power of attorney, which was also considered as a vehicle to invest unaccounted funds in real estate.

Using a general POA, members of a family can sometimes award each other property rights.

In many situations, homebuyers are duped and invest in property without realizing the transaction is illegal.

Real estate has traditionally been one of the most popular asset sectors for hiding unexplained funds.


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