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House Cleaning Dublin

Grime accumulates in the house from different sources on a daily basis. This has effects ranging from ruining the ambiance of the interior space, to putting the health of persons in the household at risk. These include:

- Dust
It includes particles tracked into the house under people shoes, which are then gradually broken down as they are grinded against the surface of the floor or the carpets fibres, organic matter such as the skin flakes being shed by the household members, to faecal residue of dust mites and insects coming to feed on food crumbs that have been deposited on the various surfaces. The dust brings about allergic reactions, ranging from coughing, sneezing and having watery eyes, to asthma attacks and worsening conditions such as bronchitis in affected persons. Whenever the surfaces are disturbed- like taking a seat on the sofa or simply walking around, the dust particles get disturbed and raised into the indoor air space, from where they are inhaled. There are even skin conditions like eczema that are exacerbated by the particles- especially the dust mite waste. Add to this substances such as PBDEs (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers), which get mixed up the dust. The PBDEs are flame retardant compounds, which are used on carpet padding, furniture and other items around the household. Once the PBDEs get into the body, the affect reproductive hormones and brain development. For perspective, research has indicated that over 60% of the PBDEs that are found in adults come from household dust, with the infants having it higher at 90%. Regular house cleaning gets rid of the dust that piles up, enabling you to keep your family members safe.

- Pathogens
There are hordes of microbes crawling around in the house. This ranges from Pseudomonas bacteria common in bathroom and kitchen sinks, Staphylococcus bacteria, responsible for staph infections, and dominates the bathroom surfaces, E. Coli whether it is on kitchen countertop where raw meat products were being handled, or splashed from the toilet that was flushed without closing the lid- they are numerous. There are also those germs that get coughed or sneezed into the interior space by persons who are ill, getting deposited on the furniture, carpets, and other surfaces, causing the infection to spread. Frequently touched surfaces- the likes of the remote control, light switches and door knobs also increase the rate of infection spreading. As such, the house cleaning services include a thorough disinfecting of these areas, killing the microbes themselves and destroying their breeding grounds.

- Pet fur and dander
Do you have a cat or do in the house? Your furry friends may be cute and adorable- even part of the family, but the dander they leave behind, on the furniture and bedding to the carpets and floors in an allergen that puts your health at risk. Just like humans shed skin flakes, so do the animals, coupled with bits and pieces of fur. Since the pets also lick themselves, their dried saliva mixes with the dander. Sensitive persons get allergy symptoms with the respiratory system or on the skin. Then the pets have a tendency of playing outdoors, and bring in more soiling into the house on their fur. These particles can include pollen grains and mould spores, adding to the allergen concentration in your household. The high efficiency equipment used by our professional house cleaning team gets rid of these particles that are strewn all over, increasing the health standards of your household.

- Fungi
These develop as a result of damp conditions that are mainly caused by blunders made during DIY house cleaning operations. For instance, a person may overwet the carpet or sofa, prolonging the drying time and allowing mould and mildew to gain a footing. Common indoor fungi range from Aspergillus, Epicoccum, and Alternaria, to Cladosporum, Stachybotrys and Acremonium. The effects they have in the household vary from creating musty odours, to releasing spores, which are allergens, into the indoor air space. Your family members may even get infected with Athletes foot, brought in from other establishments. There are fungal species that release mycotoxins, which cause can cause damage to organs like the liver, or bring about conditions like cancer. With professional house cleaning services, you won`t have to worry about things turning out this way. The thorough extraction and drying process that are used get rid of the bulk of the moisture, and the little that remains gets to dry off in mere hours. This has the additional benefit of reducing the disruption to your daily activities, enabling normal life to resume in your household as soon as possible.

House Cleaning Dublin

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