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John F Kennedy Road, Dublin, Ireland
Dublin , Cal d12
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Turn To The Floor Sanding Dublin Professionals

You want an elegant floor. One that spruces up your interior space, making your home more comfortable and inviting, and gives your business image a boost when customers come into your commercial establishment. Wood floors enable you to achieve that. With the wide array of colourations, grain patterns, and wood species themselves to choose from, you can easily set the ambience that you desire for your building’s interior. There are also different wood stains and finishes that you can apply, further widening your scope. That's not all wood floors have to offer. They are also a healthy choice for your home or business premises. They are naturally non-electromagnetic. This basically means that you don’t have to worry about them attracting allergens such as pollen, pet dander and dust to their surface. It also means that the cleaning process will be easier. Regularly sweeping and damp mopping will clear out the dirt and grime that has built up. When properly installed, the wood floor also improves the acoustic attributes of your establishment. Hollow sounds and vibrations will no longer be a concern. In order to keep your installation in top shape, it will need to be occasionally refinished. This will reverse the wear and tear effects from everyday life. Call in our professional floor sanding Dublin team to breathe new life into your installation.

What You Get From Hiring Expert Floor Sanding Dublin Services

· Avoid costly blunders

Floor sanding is not a walk in the park. It’s an involving process that requires skill to get it done right without damaging your property. From acquiring the equipment needed to the actual sanding, many mistakes can be made. For instance, getting a sander from the rental store that is so beat up could leave marks all over your floor. The quality industrial grade equipment that you need is expensive to hire, and opting for the low efficiency alternatives will make the process to take more time, and risk ruining your investment. When it comes to sanding, the techniques employed determine the outcome of the results. The goal is to remove the old finish, and expose the bare wood onto which subsequent treatments can be applied. Passing too fast over the surface will leave streaks of the former finish behind, which will affect how the new coats will bond with the surface. On the other hand, sanding too much on one spot will eat deep into the wood than is intended causing dents to form. You don't want an uneven floor. Dust control is also an issue. Without sufficient dust containment mechanisms, the establishment will end up getting covered in layers of the material sanded off the floor, meaning you'll need to do an intense cleaning afterwards. You don’t want to risk damaging your property, or be forced to endure the backbreaking tasks that are involved. Leave it to our floor sanding Dublin crew to get the job done effectively.

· Flexible services

We have a wide client base, catering to both residential and commercial establishments. Houses, apartments, entertainment centres like bars and restaurants, educational facilities like classrooms, healthcare institutions including drug stores and nursing homes, and even sports and recreation centres such as gymnasiums- our floor sanding Dublin services cover them all.

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