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At some point in time, almost all of us as students long for a service that can help us with our essay rewriting needs, right?
Even if we are quite comfortable with the technicalities of the topic, not many of the students have the necessary writing skills required in professional essay rewriting. And fortunately, today there are various essay rewriting firms working online to help students get the best out of their assignments with seamless, professionally written essay with strong narration, free of plagiarism and strongly backed by arguments.
How to find the best essay rewriting service?
Well, obviously finding the right essay rewriting service is important for the quality and standard of the delivered essay. However, with hundreds of companies offering the service, how do you find one with the right expertise to deliver the full worth of your money?
That’s a tough nut to break, isn’t it?
Well, to better understand the quality and standard offered by different online writing firms, let’s see at some of the most popular essay rewriting processes that are practiced in the industry:
1. Synonymization
Ok, this is the easiest and the lowest-quality standard followed in the writing industry. As you can take from the word itself, the process merely undertakes rewording of an existing essay by replacing the words with synonyms. Now, to help you understand, there are even various online essay rewriting tools that use Synonymization to convert the text of an existing essay using synonyms. However, the quality of such essays are poor and expert writers and editors don’t approve of this method as anyone can understand the approach while reading the text. And as you can expect, rewritten essay using this approach comes at the cheapest prices.
2. Minor Rewriting
Ok, this method of rewriting an essay closely resembles with the Synonymization, only that this time around the process is completed manually by rearranging the sentencing and using synonyms for the words where possible. To make the rewritten essay unique, non-essential revisions of the texts are undertaken to ensure that the text seems to be uniquely written. Nonetheless, the essay written by this method does have better composition and narration as compared to the essay written using Synonymization method.
3. Deep Rewriting
Contrary to the above two mentioned methods where the original text is merely reworded, in the deep writing process the entire story of the original essay is told with an original and unique composition. In this process, the entire essay is rewritten by a professional writer without just changing the words. It’s more like reading a story and then retelling the story with one’s unique narration and perspective. In fact, many times an essay written by the deep rewriting method isn’t just made up of one essay, rather the writer undertakes multiple essays written on the topic to understand different perspective of the topic and eventually comes up with his own unique and original essay that represents strong narration and backed by relevant logical arguments. And since this method comprises of unique narration, essays written using deep rewriting methods are much more comprehensive and high-quality with respect to composition and narration.

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