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TomzMedia, An Interactive Digital Agency. We help brands. Tomzmedia is a growing design studio which delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective services to all clients globally. Our studio carries out Web design & Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Application development, Print, Illustration, Animation and Motion graphics. .


Who we are and what we do

TomzMedia is a growing digital agency which delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective services to all clients globally. Our studio carries out Web design, Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Internet Marketing, Print, Illustration, Animation and Motion graphics.

Our professionals specialize in Microsoft and Machintosh technologies. tomzmedia team comprises of Interactive Designers, Graphic designers, Web Developers, SEO Experts and Technical writers. We work with Adobe CS6,. Hand code sites with (X)HTML, HTML5, Advanced CSS, jquery, Ajax, PHP and ASP.Net. All our sites are designed with usability in mind, all media friendly responsive and are cross-browser.



Experience design: Design is at the heart of Comsys. We are recognized as one of the industry’s most acclaimed global agencies in UX, visual and responsive design. We partner with brand clients like Leadpile, ShalomMedia, Sophiabooks, Mahalakshmi Silks and Greets Public School to create beautiful designs that inspire and delight.

Search marketing: A successful digital campaign requires search performance to be competent and competitive. We help deliver ROI through SEM, SEO, usability and UI consulting, analytics and content development.

Digital campaigns: By tapping into user insights and analytics, we streamline business requirement strategy across relevant touch points. We work with our clients to reimaging their online business and help reach new markets, discover new revenue streams and stand apart from others through digital innovation.

Content development: Content remains king. Comsys produces engaging content that is easily shared and socialized. We offer video production, brand storytelling, motion graphics, animation, photography and brand content.

Branding: Comsys helps brands succeed in the digital age. We help identify a brand’s narrative and evolve the messaging to target audiences to create advocacy and endorsement.

The following services make us the complete source for all of your company's creative communications needs:

  • Web Application Development & Designing
    ASP.NET, PHP, XHTML, Advanced CSS, SQL Server, MySQL
  • Mobile Application Development
    iPhone IOS, Android SDK, Blackberry
  • Internet Marketing and Consultation
    Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.), Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.), Social Media Marketing (S.M.M.), Pay Per Click (P.P.C.)
  • Advertising Media
    SMS Marketing, Voice Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Ads
  • Creative Media
    3600 Virtual Tour & Photography, Animation, illustration, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics.


Web Development

Website development is another hallmark of our business. Website of a company is equated to the ‘face’ of any company. The success of business depends upon the attractive, innovative and informative nature of the presentation, which is the threshold of new business initiatives. Easy access to content and being user friendly are key notes of the web page.  As is customary, our highly talented and creative team of web designers and programmers showcase their high caliber in delivering the best solutions.

Android and iOS Apps

Our latest foray is into the world of developing applications for android, iOS, Windows phone and Blackberry in order to enable the user perform specific tasks. Since the mobile application development has gained momentum over the past few years following the shift to handheld smart phones and tablets, Comsys, realizing the necessity of this mobility, has embarked upon developing corresponding mobile applications for our ERP projects and products. When creating mobile applications, we closely scrutinize the business processes behind the customized applications to ensure that the product touches your target audience professionally and perfectly.

Internet Marketing

Bring more traffic to your Web site. Increase customers. Get your site listed on major search engines.

Search Engine Optimization: Position your Web site for the best possible ranking with leading search engines. Search Engine Visibility's keyword and site optimization show you the words and phrases search engine users search for .
Improve your site's search engine performance with the latest news and developments from Search Engine Land, delivered directly to the News and Article feeds within Search Engine Visibility.

Social media

Comsys bridges brands and fans together to create scalable engagement with full­-service offerings in campaign development, platform integrations (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.), custom social media management solutions, social tracking and reporting, social KPIs and analytics, and application development.

3600  Virtual Tour and Photography

Our Virtual Tours and photography are the next best thing to actually being there.
360 Virtual Tours allow your client/customers to not just view your location but also to experience it. So photos now do not just illustrate, they educate in their own right. We produce market leading 360 virtual tours for a huge range of industries; including automotive, education, entertainment, sport, corporate industrial, the list goes on. Virtual tours are relevant for almost every industry. All of our virtual tours are custom built for each client – to fit in with their branding and website as a whole. We can work from branding guidelines or just from the current look and feel of your site.

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