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Top Tiles is the largest manufacturers of ceramic/vitrified tiles in the USA. The motivating factor remains the zeal, the zeal to be the best, to be at the top and to achieve the highest echelons of excellence. The manufacturing units are equipped with cutting edge technology. Intense automation, robotic car application and a zero chance for human error are just few reasons why Top Tiles remains at the top in the industry.

Founded two decades ago with a single-minded vision, to be the best in providing tile solutions, Top Tiles has since then grown stronger with its hard work, innovations and patronage from our discerning customers. The Indian consumers' rapidly growing appetite for style and aesthetics is the inspiration behind every design of Top Tiles. Top Tiles has today become a synonym for quality, service and innovation – not only in the domestic market but in the international market too.Top Tiles finds an ever increasing market not just in the USA but also in 20 other countries all over the world.

Top Tiles has increased its capacity from 1 mn. sq. mtrs to 30.60 mn. sq. mtrs. in last 22 years and offers more than 400 options in ceramic wall & floor tiles, vitrified tiles, designer tiles and much more. These tiles come in a wide range of colours and textures to complement bathrooms, living rooms, corridors, study rooms & kitchen, born our of an inspired creativity of those who feel that rooms should be an extension of the beauty reflected. With an unparalleled commitment towards quality we have strived to adopt technologies and standards with the changing times.



Innovation is what Mastercraft storage solution is all about. Through innovative design and products,

we ensure that no matter what your space, we will create that is clever stylish and individual.

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 Features of modern membarane stutter range:

  • These have a core of HDF Boards, Laminated with a vacuum formed,0.4mm thick, PVC skin;both sourced from best foreign supplies.
  • Excellent printability of skin makes it is possiable to generate grain designs closely simulating actual wood grain structures.
  • They are abrasion resistant-takes daily wear and tear very well.
  • Being ultraviolet resistant, the color do not fade even on regular exposure to sunlight.
  • PVC being formed on the board,covers of the corners and the edges to protect against cuts and tears
  • The shutters are covered with laminate from all five sides making them moisture resistant than convensional woods 




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