Know Your School


Know Your School will be used by all parents and students in the local cities to learn about the institute, facilities, faculty and anything else related to education system in their local area. This platform will provide tools for teachers and students to virtually communicate with each other and explain complex fundamentals with easy 3-dimentional and any other way possible. Visit http://w.


Know Your School is focused on providing data-driven, accurate and systematic social platform of educational institutions for the parents and students across India. Platform today focuses on search and ranking capability of educational institutions for the consumers.

A platform that hosts all the basic information about schools in the area and provides:

  • Insight to new parents with local school listings.
  • In-depth analytical data about the facilities and faculty.
  • Sharing of the school ratings available from the authorities.
  • Social interaction and feedback from students & parents.
  • Society engagement.
  • Online Submission of the Registration process.
  • Schools comparison.

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