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Know Your School will be used by all parents and students in the local cities to learn about the institute, facilities, faculty and anything else related to education system in their local area. This platform will provide tools for teachers and students to virtually communicate with each other and explain complex fundamentals with easy 3-dimentional and any other way possible. Visit http://w

Accreditation: External agencies or organizations evaluate the effectiveness of every practice and process of an educational institutions and ensures that every standard are being met. Accreditation ensures the quality of an institution. QualityKG is pre-school accreditation organization that introduce, growth and sustain quality-control and development system in pre-schools and 'early-childhoo

Planet Kids, Bangalore favourite chain of pre-schools has created an indelible impression in the education industry with thousands of happy children and satisfied parents being a part of this success story since a decade. Innovation and creativity has always been the driving factors at Planet Kids and with each passing year the bar is set high to create new benchmarks in the Industry.

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